ICCA Iberian & FranceBenelux Chapter Annual Meeting - ICCA 2024

Veemal Gungadin

Veemal Gungadin, co-founder and CEO of Gevme, is a prominent figure in event technology, known for his innovative integration of Generative AI into event management. His leadership has propelled Gevme into a leading platform that leverages AI to enhance the planning and execution of significant events, emphasising the blend of innovation with practical solutions.

In addition, Veemal heads Spark, a generative AI-driven enterprise productivity tool designed for event professionals. Spark revolutionises the field by boosting efficiency, increasing output, and unveiling new applications of technology in event management.

Veemal's passion for advancing the industry extends beyond technology. As Honorary Treasurer at SACEOS he plays a key role in strengthening the business events community within Singapore. He also served on the Board of Directors & Trustees at PCMA, the world's largest and most recognised network of business events strategists.