ICCA Iberian & FranceBenelux Chapter Annual Meeting - ICCA 2024

Charles Beckers

Senior Manager International Business Development Associations - MECC Maastricht


Embarking on my professional journey in the dynamic hospitality sector, I honed my skills in the art of hospitality and mastered multilingual communication in both formal and informal settings, particularly in the field of lobbying and guest relations.

The experience cultivated strong interpersonal and communication skills that have proven instrumental in my career.


With a master's degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management, I elevated my career, delving into the realms of professional commercial drive and a sales-oriented attitude.

In my current role as a Senior International Business Development Manager for the Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre (MECC) with a clear focus on associations and societies, my responsibilities encompass a deep understanding of lobbying and stakeholder management within the field of association and society management, board led organisations and institutions merely all within the health and life sciences scene.


Over the years, I have cultivated an adept consultative selling approach, contributing to my success and seniority in the field.

My expertise extends to marketing and strategic financial planning, reflecting my commitment to comprehensive business acumen. I am driven by an unwavering eagerness and persistence to achieve success, coupled with a knack for networking with both new and existing clients.


My forte lies in bringing people together at the opportune moment, orchestrating the right setting and circumstances with precision tools and information.

This specialty has translated into numerous successful lobbying processes and wins, marking my footprint as a proficient lobbyist with a keen focus on networking, new business endeavors, and result.