ICCA Iberian & FranceBenelux Chapter Annual Meeting - ICCA 2024

Javier Sanabria

Sales Manager Americas - BCO Congresos

Originally from the vibrant city of Sevilla, Javier Sanabria is a seasoned professional with a rich background in tourism, complemented by a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and an MBA. His journey in the meetings industry began in the hospitality sector, where he honed his skills and passion for creating memorable experiences. Presently, he occupies the role of Sales Manager for the Latin American market at Bco Congresos, where he leverages his expertise to foster successful partnerships and drive business growth in the dynamic world of conferences and events. Additionally, Javier is an engaged member of the ICCA Future Leaders Council (FLC), where he dedicates himself to the mentorship and elevation of nascent talent within the industry, ensuring a bright future for the next wave of event management professionals.